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2023-09-01 Testing + Certification

PV Module Testing and Certification

VDE Renewables: for all your PV module testing and certification

We offer comprehensive testing and certification solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules and components. Through our in-depth expertise in the latest standards and state-of-the-art technological developments, we can check and confirm the safety and reliability of your PV modules. We can test in our laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. 

PV Modules Contact
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Why PV module testing and certification?

  • “VDE Seal” fulfills your PV modules’ market entry requirements into Europe and many other international locations
  • To demonstrate the safety and reliability of PV modules in operations
  • To minimize risks for both the manufacturer and end user
  • Neutral testing by a third party fulfills the market requirements

Our track record

  • Certifier for half of top 10 PV module manufacturers
  • Evaluated over 2.8 GW of PV modules for buyers

VDE offers testing and certification according to

VDE, EN, IEC and UL standards

  • Photovoltaic modules (crystalline silicon, thin-film)
  • Mounting systems
  • Junction boxes

Environmental testing (salt-mist and ammoniac)
Certification for internationally recognized VDE marks

Balcony Solar Systems

Solar panels on Balcony of Apartment block.
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2023-09-06 Kurzinformation

VDE tests and certifies balcony solar systems with immediate effect

The test specification was developed according to the current legal requirements and applicable regulations and standards.

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Value-added services beyond international testing and certification

Photovoltaic Power Plants and Systems Services

The VDE Renewables team has extensive experience reviewing distributed generation (DG) and utility-scale renewable energy and storage projects on behalf of Project Developers as well as for banks offering project financing. Typically, the scope of work for due diligence services can be categorized across four different products, which we have listed below as Products 1 to 4. Broadly, these include the provision of reports, certificates and supporting letters as required for financing purposes.

1. Technical Due Diligence, Independent Engineering and Quality Assurance Services for Solar Projects

2. Manufacturing and Pre-delivery Verification

3. Certification of Product Lines for Solar EPCs

4. VDE Renewables Advisory Services

Each Product lists topics that VDE Renewables can provide support for, and the corresponding description explains the benefits and typical service inclusions for that topic. Let us know which topics interest you so we can design a quality assurance solution that suits your needs.

If your firm is interested in services not listed here, or to create a customized package, you have the option of doing so using our VDE Advisory Service package.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors – choose quality!

IEA PVPS Task 13: Performance, Operation and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems

Strommast und Solarmodule
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2022-11-10 publication

VDE Renewables is coordinating the work of Task 13 of the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS).

Task 13 investigates the increasingly important topic of performance and reliability of PV modules and systems in combination with quality and sustainability.

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Our Divisions

Battery Testing and Systems

Batteries must meet the highest standards of safety, performance and lifetime. We provide comprehensive electrical, mechanical, environmental and abuse tests in VDE Prime Labs worldwide. Testing and certification of light electric vehicles, battery testing and certification, battery forensics and accident investigations.

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Batterien im Test

Grid Conformity & Power Transmission

We support you in validating the conformity of your power generation units and power generation plants. We offer unit certificates for PV inverters, wind generators and biomass power generation (CPH) systems, certification of components, system and unit certification, and on-site inspections

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PV Modules

Comprehensive testing and certification solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules. Through our in-depth expertise in the latest standards and state-of-the-art technological developments, we can check and confirm the safety and reliability of your PV modules. We can test in our laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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Photovoltaisches Solarzellenpanel aus der Luft


With rapid developments in hydrogen technologies, components and systems can change in a short time. To ensure better insurability and bankability we offer the VDE Corporate Standard and audits according to international norms and standards. We establish criteria based on industry developments, offer technical consulting and due diligence, and monitor  quality assurance of supply chains. 

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