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2023-09-07 press release

VDE tests and certifies balcony power plants

By testing and certifying balcony power plants on the part of the VDE, this protects consumers and grants them more safety. The VDE is developing a test specification with which balcony power plants can be evaluated as a complete system. Security for the retailer in accordance with the current legal basis and applicable regulations and standards is available.

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(Frankfurt am Main, 07.09.2023) The VDE tests and certifies balcony power plants with immediate effect. The corresponding test specification was developed in accordance with the current legal basis and the applicable regulations and standards. It covers all components of plug-in mini power generation systems. This includes one or two PV modules, the cables and plugs, the inverter, the grid connection and the mounting system. This means that it is now possible for the first time through the VDE to test and certify balcony power plants as a complete system and not just individual components.

The VDE is also responding to numerous reports in recent weeks on safety deficiencies in mini PV systems. VDE CEO Ansgar Hinz: "Balcony power plants are very popular with consumers because they can actively participate in the energy transition by using them. We as VDE want to support this. For this reason, it is important to us that the new devices are safe for the user. Who if not we can guarantee this? The VDE has stood for protection and safety in electrical engineering for more than 130 years."

Increase protection and safety for users

A test specification with which the overall product balcony power plants can be evaluated has the advantage that not only the individual components per se, but also the interactions of the individual components with each other are taken into account. This increases protection and safety for users.

The VDE is committed to facilitating the installation and operation of mini PV systems without compromising on safety. At the beginning of the year, for example, we made proposals for improvements in a position paper, some of which were taken up by the legislature. Our standards organization DKE is also working on the first product standard for the complete balcony power plant product. We expect a result before the end of this year.

Manufacturers or distributors interested in VDE certification and testing for plug-in mini power generation systems can find more information here.

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VDE Renewables works closely with all structures of the VDE Group and its internationally renowned network, which include the leading research and development bodies such as the Fraunhofer Institutes and insurance firms such as Allianz and Munich Re. Together with its partners, VDE Renewables supports its customers with their specific requirements, such as gaining access to new markets, differentiating themselves from their competitors or enabling them to receive more attractive insurance or financing conditions. 

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VDE proposes simpler rules for balcony power plants

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2023-01-11 press release

VDE experts draw up position paper to make installation and operation of mini PV systems much easier. Mini power generation systems should become widespread without sacrificing safety. “Schuko plug” can be tolerated under certain conditions.

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PV Module Testing and Certification

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2023-09-01 Testing + Certification

VDE's approach is to build on established international certification standards and testing for specific market requirements and developments. Going beyond existing standards is an opportunity to promote your unique selling proposition and stand out from the competition.

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