Interview Roland Edel
Future-oriented application of tools: AI-based systems as support in engineering processes at Siemens Mobility
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Mobility-Interview mit VDA-Präsidentin Müller
“The SME forum for suppliers showed that the industry is facing a challenging and in many cases serious situation”
Interview with
Dr. Markus Ewig, Managing Director of Rhenus Automotive SE
Rhenus Automotive on the potential benefits and challenges of electric car batteries
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Interview with Marelli's CTIO
Marelli's CTIO Fetzer talks about future technologies and predicts a booming electrical engineering industry
Interview with
Alexander Lutz, Managing Director Polestar Deutschland
The world in 2030: quiet, beautiful, electric
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Intermodulare Mobilität
Fact check – intermodal mobility
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Autonomous driving with sensor system and wireless communication network
Fact check – autonomous driving
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Into the future with Smart Mobility

The future of mobility is electric, digital, autonomous and multimodal - on land, on water and in the air. Vehicles will become Internet devices, and modern IT infrastructures will transmit data fail-safely in real time. This will result in numerous new services and assistance systems, including autonomous driving.

The borderless transfer of people and goods between transport systems increases mobility. Modern management systems optimize the utilization of transport routes and contribute to a clean environment through the careful use of resources.

Anyone who wants to set mobility on this path and drive it forward has many opportunities under the banner of Automotive 4.0, but also many hurdles to overcome. After all, Germany and the international market are not a technology highway without a speed limit.

Innovations must follow safety standards to get them on the road. Components and systems must be standardized so that everyone can use them. Infrastructures must be created and legal frameworks must be met. And this is how we lead WG 6 Standardization in the National Platform "Future of Mobility".

Clear the way for the Connected Car: The VDE is committed to e-mobility, C2X communication and autonomous driving: for example, in 5G initiatives and labs as well as in projects with federal ministries. With the consumer portal Backbone, VDE explains what is needed to convert the energy system to renewable energies and what role e-cars play in this.

Our portfolio includes both product safety (Safety) and information security (Security). At the VDE Institute's Testing Labs, we test the entire electromobility infrastructure to ensure that the mobility of the future is safe all round: from components and lithium-ion batteries to the complete vehicle and e-charging columns. And our Prime Labs in Singapore and Silicon Valley focus on new energy storage systems. Our quality marks strengthen trust in your product among partners and end users.

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VDE Mobility Interviews

Alexander Lutz (l.) in interview with Dr. Ralf Petri (r.)

Alexander Lutz (l.) in interview with Dr. Ralf Petri (r.)


The mobility industry is in a state of upheaval: New players and new concepts are entering the market, and digitization is also providing new impetus. Dr. Ralf Petri, Head of the Mobility Division at the VDE, discusses opportunities and challenges for the industry with well-known representatives from the mobility sector.

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VDE fact checks mobility

Icon Frage und Antwort
2021-07-09 expert contribution

The VDE fact check mobility is a short, neutral introduction to a topic from the perspectives of various VDE experts to take into account as many points of view as possible. Every fact check begins with a brief definition of the terminology and provides a general introduction to the subject area. In addition to many facts, fact checks also contain further information on areas of application, the current state of research, new products and trends, national and international activities as well as the current state of standardization and standardization projects. 

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