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In this section you will find an ever-larger selection of VDE fact checks on various topics in the field of mobility.

What is the VDE fact check?

The VDE fact check is a short, neutral introduction to a topic from the perspectives of various VDE experts to take into account as many points of view as possible. Every fact check begins with a brief definition of the terminology and provides a general introduction to the subject area. In addition to many facts, fact checks also contain further information on areas of application, the current state of research, new products and trends, national and international activities as well as the current state of standardization and standardization projects. The fact checks also clearly describe why the VDE deals with the topic.

Who are the authors of the fact checks?

The main authors of VDE and DKE Mobility start with an initial idea for a topic and then seek out relevant guest authors from the various departments of VDE and DKE as well as the affiliated junior organizations to jointly examine and analyze the topic area from different perspectives. Without this teamwork, the creation of such a fact check would not be possible. Data and facts in the topic field are then researched and important terminology as well as the current state of science and technology are discussed together. In the further course of the research, all facts and information are prepared neutrally and independently.

Who is the target group of the fact check?

The fact check is aimed at interested readers who want to get an overview of a topic area in a short time. The target group is therefore the (technical) public, including experts or users of standards as well as interested end customers. We want the VDE Fact Checks to be available to as many readers as possible. Therefore, all fact checks are available for download free of charge.

What other fact checks are planned?

The fact checks are written based on the importance and urgency of relevant issues and are oriented to the current topics at VDE Mobility as well as the general relevance to society.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for individual fact checks, please feel free to contact the main authors at any time. We look forward to dialog and exchange with you.

Currently available fact checks mobility: