Schaltkreis-Design, kuenstliche Intelligenz
Trustworthy AI: New VDE application rule creates first comprehensive framework worldwide
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Power supply 2022
Power supply in Germany in 2022: Supply reliability at a very high level
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Darstellung von Standardisierungsicons, welche von einem Finger angetippt werden
Breakthrough in SMART Standards
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Prof. Karsten Seidl
Prof. Karsten Seidl, new chair of VDE DGBMT: “Making full use of the opportunities of biomedical engineering”
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INVENT a CHIP School-Award 2023
The microchip whizzes from Dormagen: Leibniz Gymnasium takes first place again in INVENT a CHIP school competition
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Solarpanel an einem Mehrfamilienhaus in Düsseldorf
VDE tests and certifies balcony power plants
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Smarthome, Konzept des intelligenten Hauses. Fernsteuerung und Hausverwaltung
IFA 2023: E-associations demand clarity around Building Energy Act
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