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Science: Volume 380 | Issue 6640 | April 2023

| Image Credit: Illustration: C. Bickel/Science. Structural data: C. Mao et al, Science 380, eadd6220 (2023)
2023-04-19 publication

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We are excited to announce the publication of “Photovoltaics at multi-terawatt scale: Waiting is not an option” in the April 7th Issue of Science featuring input from VDE Renewables’ Managing Director, Burkhard Holder.

Sabine Behrmann

Volume 380 | Issue 6640

With an installed capacity of 1 TW (as at 2022), Photovoltaic capacity is growing worldwide, but overall, still makes up only a small percentage of overall electricity generation. This article discusses the TW-Scale growth needed and the need for a speedy renewable-energy installation and accurate modelling to meet installation targets.

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Image Credit: Illustration: C. Bickel/Science. Structural data: C. Mao et alScience 380, eadd6220 (2023)

This article features in Science: Volume 380 | Issue 6640 | April 7th 2023