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2016-08-26 publication

VDE expands in the field of renewable energy

The newly established VDE Renewables offers quality assurance, certification and bankability services for renewable energy around the world.

Frauke Schütte
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The global renewable energy sector continues on its path of sustainable growth. Investors, financiers and other stakeholders in the sector have adapted their expectations and require a superior level of product and system quality that goes beyond established international quality standards.

In order to serve existing and future markets efficiently and effectively, VDE has consolidated all renewables - related business areas into a new and globally active strategic entity, VDE Renewables GmbH, headquartered in Alzenau, Germany. The new firm brings together a wealth of expertise through its experienced test engineers and experts. VDE Renewables is owned 100% by VDE, working closely with the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, as well as other structures under the VDE.

VDE, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE), has created new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the market. Through direct access to the R&D expertise and world-class laboratory facilities of Fraunhofer ISE, the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), and other partners, clients benefit from timely product development and commercialization support, underlined by sustainable quality.

Manufacturers, project developers, financiers, insurers, market authorities and other government organizations shall have direct access to a single platform for quality assurance, international certification, and other value-added services for fulfilling the bankability and investability criteria of the various stakeholders in the renewables sector.

“The global energy market is going through dynamic changes, and renewables are becoming increasingly important. It is crucial that renewable energy projects meet the required levels of quality, safety and reliability, and are integrated into electricity grids in a proper way,” said Ansgar Hinz, CEO of the VDE Association, at the launch of VDE Renewables.

“With its establishment, VDE Renewables, together with Fraunhofer ISE and our other partners, offers a first class range of services that are tailored to the new challenges and needs of the market. Furthermore, we strive to take into account the specific demands of the financial and insurance sectors,” added Burkhard Holder, Managing Director of VDE Renewables.