Whitepaper Hydrogen 2023
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2024-01-15 Webcontent

VDE Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy 2023

Sabine Behrmann

This VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE Hydrogen was the continuation of the series of events that have been established internationally over many years to support the global energy transition. The focus is not on company presentations or the presentation of political roadmaps. Rather, the aim is to inform participants about the state of the art in technology, current market developments, interesting practical experiences, and the expectations of the financial and insurance industries.

The VDE Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy produced after the High Level Panel on the 7th December 2023 summarizes the results of the Germany wide lead workshops, the Innovation Stage presentations by industry experts held on the 6th December and the panel discussions, and serves as an aid to take action and a source of inspiration for all stakeholders in the industry.

All findings of the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE Hydrogen 2023 were summarized in this Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy, which is available to all participants and interested parties as a recommendation for action for the development of projects and future framework conditions.