Fraud attempt notification on laptop /

Report the unlawful use of one of our VDE certification marks

The VDE certification marks have significant marketing value for manufacturers and serve as a valuable guide for consumers when selecting safe products.

Gerhard Heine

Since our VDE certification marks inspire confidence among all market participants and enjoy a high reputation, it happens time and again that they are misused. Misuse of our marks occurs when a VDE mark approval is no longer valid or has not been granted at all.

Cases of mark misuse identified by us are published in a "black list". There you will find supplementary information on the cases of misuse in detail.

You suspect that a product / device bears the VDE mark wrongly?

Then you can do the following:

Check via our online certification register, stating the product, manufacturer or type designation, whether the product has a VDE mark approval issued by us.

You have not found what you are looking for or you are still unsure?

Then fill out the online form and upload photos of the affected product ( you can also do this anonymously).