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VDE OVE Antriebssysteme | 8.-9.11.2023 | Wien


Electromechanical Drive Systems symposium

9. + 10. November 2021 | Munich + online

Now in its eighth edition, the Electromechanical Drive Systems symposium once again sheds light on optimizing the functionality and efficiency of modern electromechanical drive technology.
The range of applications includes industrial and mobile drive systems, but also generation units such as wind turbines. The close mechatronic interlocking and integration of electrical and mechanical drive components will become increasingly important in the future. This development is driven by an increase in the compactness of power electronic components, innovative e-motor concepts, optimized mechanical drive components, the use of new material combinations and manufacturing technologies, and the targeted use of state-of-the-art measurement and sensor technology.

The conference focuses on the current trend topics "Increasing efficiency in the overall system design" and "Parasitic effects in inverter-driven electric systems" with special sessions and keynotes. The reduction in operating costs resulting from increased efficiency is gaining more and more attention among plant operators. Parasitic effects such as noise, bearing currents, heating due to additional losses or EMC can lead to unpleasant early failures or have harmful effects on the environment.

In view of the strong German-speaking economic area, this symposium is focused on the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The program committee is composed of representatives from these countries, so we expect a broad and interesting spectrum in our call for papers.

The desired contributions should come from research (universities) as well as from practice (industry). They should illustrate the interdisciplinary approach between electrical and mechanical engineering in the planning, design, commissioning and operation of drive systems.

The contributions can be submitted in German and English. Peer reviewing is available upon request. These contributions will later appear in IEEE Xplore and can be cited without restrictions. Practical contributions from industry are also welcome without the need to write an elaborate paper.

The participants of the conference will learn about current technical developments on components and systems in the application context. This view "outside the box" enables them to take up new concepts and ideas and transfer them to their own applications.
The symposium will be organized as a hybrid event, i.e. as a combination of presence and video transmission, provided that the infection rate in November 2021 allows a presence event.

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