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2023-11-27 short info

Appointment of Burkhard Holder to the Senate of the German Economy

VDE warmly congratulates Burkhard Holder on his appointment to the Senate of the Economy of Germany. This is a wonderful recognition of his numerous activities in the field of renewable energies.

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B Holder Übergabe Bild

Left: Norbert Streveld, Chairman of the Board of the Senate of Economy Germany ; 

Center: Burkhard Holder, VDE ; 

Right: Dr. Walter Döring, Chairman of the Senate of Economy Europe, former Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg.


With his many years of experience and a very special passion and determination, he provides important impetus for the sustainability and quality of renewable energies. Continuous international dialog on the energy transition is extremely important, particularly in view of the current geopolitical situation. This includes, in particular, building trust in the technology and business models together with industry, banks, insurance companies and politicians. This is why the mission statement of the Senate's annual convention fits in perfectly with Burkhard Holder's spirit: Business for people!

The official presentation of the certificate of appointment was made by the Chairman of the Board of the German Senate for Business, Norbert Streveld, and the Chairman of the Board of the German Senate for Business Foundation, Dr. Christoph Brüssel.

The reasons for this prestigious appointment lie in Burkhard Holder's impressive 40 years of experience and his extraordinary commitment in the field of renewable energies.

He acts as a creative bridge builder for all relevant stakeholders, including banks and insurance companies, and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation as an expert in advising governments, business, associations and investors.

Burkhard Holder is committed to the interests of a sustainable circular economy that takes equal account of social, economic and environmental aspects with an impressive passion and clear values. His mission is to always put people at the center and drive positive change.

For the VDE Group, it is a true honor and pleasure to have Burkhard Holder in our ranks. We value not only his exceptional expertise, but also his extensive network, which will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to our shared mission for sustainable innovation.