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BESS Bankability, investability and insurability services

VDE Renewables brings value to our clients by maximizing the quality and safety and reducing the risk profiles of components and the entire BESS systems. Our goal is to support the implementation of battery energy storage systems (BESS) that are bankable, investable and insurable. We strive towards this goal by offering neutral testing and certification, as well as technical due diligence and independent/owner’s engineering services of batteries and energy storage systems.

With more than 1 GWh of various utility-scale renewable energy projects world-wide reviewed to date, and having worked with leading financial institutions to help them understand and address the unique and specific areas of technical risk that may be associated with ESS technology, the VDE Renewables team is ideally positioned to assist you in your projects. 

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VDE Pyramid of Quality
VDE Renewables GmbH

We not only offer standard certification according to international standards, but also premium certification that goes beyond the standards, to meet the needs of our clients and the stakeholders.

Through our ongoing engagement of key stakeholders in the battery energy storage sector, especially financial institutions and insurance firms, we recognized that existing standards requirements, although important, were not sufficient to achieve bankability, investability and insurability for energy storage projects. These standards must be extended with additional criteria. We have therefore developed our VDE Pyramid of Quality approach, which is our guiding principle for the development of products and services. One of the important goals of this approach, which is especially important for financial stakeholders, is to achieve a significant reduction of operational risks, and increased reliability and safety. Our track record shows that risk is reduced as you shift further up the pyramid.

Through our deep expertise and field experience, we are able to provide technical due diligence reports tailored to the needs of project developers and lenders. Before signing up with an EPC and O&M provider, we can step in as a neutral party to review the technical capabilities of the potential service provider, as well as technical aspects of their offered contract to ensure that all key aspects of the project are properly addressed. We can then continue accompanying the project as it develops by reviewing procurement and EPC reports. By implementing independent quality assurance in the technical feasibility stage of a project, design errors, as well as the resulting cost and effort for future remediation measures can be avoided.

In order to effectively serve the global industry and remain at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations, VDE has established a Global Energy Storage Competence Cluster (GECC), with VDE Prime Labs in key regions around the world – Asia, Europe and the Americas. The GECC is able to provide a wide spectrum of expertise and services across the battery-based energy storage value chain to support the dynamic growth of the industry.

Our bankability, investability and insurability services

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VDE Renewables
  • Consultancy on standards and market access requirements
  • Support in creating requirement specifications
  • Technical support in the assembly of storage systems
  • Development and implementation of in-house quality criteria
  • Tailored analysis of battery cells and packs
  • Premium certifications based on international standards
  • Support in achieving bankability and investability criteria
  • Regular and unannounced audits at manufacturers
  • End-of-line tests at production lines
  • Accident forensics, error analysis for risk minimization

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