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Top-quality certification and insurance product for PV modules

Munich Re and VDE Renewables offer mutual benefits for customers interested in their insurance and certification products.

Service VDE Renewables

Photovoltaic (PV) module buyers seeking reliable and high-performing modules turn to insurance, quality testing and certification to ensure their long-term return on investment. The global reinsurance firm Munich Re offers its PV Warranty Insurance to manufacturers and buyers concerned about potential PV manufacturer insolvency in the age of market consolidation. The internationally-recognized quality assurance and certification service provider VDE Renewables offers its VDE Quality Tested Mark for PV Modules (QT) certification program for module manufacturers looking to achieve differentiation through continuous, cutting-edge quality assurance. Module manufacturers with this PV Module Certification, can offer their customers peace of mind. 

Through their ongoing partnership, Munich Re and VDE Renewables are pleased to offer mutual benefits and cost savings opportunities to PV module manufacturers when purchasing their respective insurance and module certification products: 

  • VDE QT certification serves as a technical pre-qualification for module manufacturers who are applying for the Munich Re PV Warranty Insurance.
  • The quarterly factory inspection and lab testing requirement of VDE QT certification replaces the annual Munich Re due diligence process (required for insurance customers). This leads to cost efficiencies for manufacturers interested in both products.
  • Manufacturers possessing VDE QT certification can receive favorable insurance premium rates for Munich Re’s PV Warranty Insurance. Similarly, customers possessing Munich Re PV Warranty Insurance can receive favorable pricing for VDE QT certification.

Contact VDE to find out how you can benefit from the combined offer from Munich Re and VDE Renewables.