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2018-04-12 TOP

VDE Quality Tested: The most stringent solar photovoltaic module testing and certification

The VDE QT program for photovoltaic modules is created for module manufacturers who want to achieve the highest level of quality for their products.


VDE offers a higher level of quality assurance for photovoltaic (PV) modules beyond established international standards. This premium PV module certification program draws on the considerable expertise of VDE and from the field experience of veteran industry partners. It builds upon and further improves the certification process which is based on existing international testing standards. The program offers the added benefits of more stringent module testing sequences, in-line production testing and regular monitoring of manufacturing sites.

Overall system quality begins on the component level, and this certification product is tailored to support technical bankability on both the component and system-wide level.

Our Quality Tested program

  • Sharper module design and safety qualification requirements
  • Continuous inline quality monitoring of mass production 
  • On-going offline process and quality monitoring of production sites

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