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Junges Forum BMT 2024

Young Forum BMT

Satelite event on 17 September 2024

For young academics and young professionals

Have you specialised in medical products as part of your studies or are you studying biomedical engineering, medical technology, medical informatics or something similar? Or have you recently started working in the field of medical technology and would like to continue your education and network?

Then join us at the Young Forum BMT on 17 September 2024 from 9 am to 8 pm as part of the BMT Annual Conference in Stuttgart. The event is held in English.

Whether you are a student, career starter or doctoral candidate, the Young Forum BMT is the right place to go when it comes to the combination of young people and biomedical technology!

Click here for detailed information on "Junges Forum BMT" and this years program

What is the Young Forum?

The Young Forum BMT (Junges Forum BMT) is a satelite event for students and young professionals in medical technology. 

The aim of the Young Forum BMT is to offer programme sections tailored to the interests of students, doctoral candidates and young professionals at medical technology conferences and trade fairs, to expand their network and to find out about career paths. It traditionally takes place on the day before the BMT conference. However, events organised by the Young Forum also take place outside the BMT conference. The organisation team consists mostly of students and young professionals from the VDE Young Net as well as active supporters from the conference regions.

The Young Forum BMT was first held in Rostock in 2010 and was initiated by Karsten Seidl. Over the years, particularly successful formats such as "Young Forum meets old hands" and exclusive guided tours and workshops have established themselves as an integral part of the programme. In the "Young Forum meets old hands" format, personalities who have spent their entire academic or industrial careers in the field of medical technology are invited to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation.