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Technical expertise of the battery and energy storage value chain

Our customers represent a large portion of the value chain in the sector of energy
storage – regardless of whether companies would like to produce batteries, deliver 
energy storage systems to support the power grid, reuse car batteries for 
second-life-applications or invest in storage projects.

We have tailored services and solutions for your every need. Contact VDE Renewables’
experts today.


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Battery Testing

VDE Renewables has independent battery test centers in Germany, Singapore, USA and China, which are equipped with modern testing equipment. Our services include the entire battery development process – from choosing the cell for its safety, performance, and lifetime, to launching a complete validated battery unit.

Our experts offer orientation guides with all battery norms and -standards.

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Corporate Standards

In a dynamic developing market, international standards aren’t able to keep up with innovative product solutions. But important stakeholders need an early and trusted independent quality assurance. In close collaboration with you, VDE Renewables develops criteria catalogues with focus on safety, performance, efficiency, reliability and lifetime. After the validation process has completed successfully, a VDE verified certification can be awarded.

The label “VDE Corporate Standard” is a unique selling proposition with which you can position yourself in the market as a quality orientated company. Banks, Investors and Insurance companies all have trust in VDEs’ expertise.

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Industrial Energy Storage Systems

Driven from the energy transition, the battery electric storage of power from renewable energies is poised for exponential growth. Storage manufactures, utility companies, finance and insurance institutes face the challenge to ensure a reliable grid operation, to operate energy storage in an effective and safe way, as well as guaranteeing a return-on-investment.

VDE Renewables offers professional and independent services to support all kinds of interest groups.

Knowledge Transfer

At least 60% of the total value added of a company is thanks to knowledge. VDE Renewables offers seminar modules covering basics, battery market, cells, (HV-) batteries, construction, risk potential, safety measures, handling, storage, legislation and logistics.

We also offer tailored inhouse or online-training. Qualify your employees to keep your company innovative and competitive.

Why VDE?

  • VDE is an independent organization with a high international recognition
  • our team has an extensive technical competence across battery and other renewable energy technologies
  • we have laboratories offering state-of-the-art solutions present in key regions: Germany, Singapore, USA and China
  • our close links to the finance and insurance sectors allow us to directly support clients with bankability, investability and insurability matters
  • proven track record with field experience


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