200,000 product types with millions of model variants bear the VDE mark worldwide
100 years of the VDE mark
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100 years of consumer protection worldwide

Electric toothbrushes and lawnmowers, large and small household appliances, multimedia products – 200,000 product types with millions of model variants bear the VDE mark worldwide. The test mark has represented the highest level of safety for 100 years.

More than 1,000 employees work for the VDE Institute. They regularly check the interoperability, electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety of wireless communication connections, interfaces, and network connections, because more and more products nowadays are increasingly interconnected. We are surrounded by electronics everywhere, which are integrated with and among each other to an increasingly greater extent.

Then as now, the VDE mark represents consumer protection – not just in Germany but also worldwide: For your safety.

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App 100 YEARS

Our anniversary AR App shows you in a playful way the extent to which we test various electrical products.

Place a lamp and a coffee machine visually in your home, office or elsewhere and discover which components we put through their paces in all kind of tests.

Zoom in on the product, turn it, switch it on and off - through gamification, clearly written descriptions and clear pictures, we playfully bring you closer to the extensive range of VDE tests.

The VDE VR App informs consumers about important topics, such as the energy label and electrical safety, and provides an overview of what to concider when buying an electrical product.
For manufacturers, the app offers an overview of VDE services in order to find exactly the right test for your product.

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