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BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH
2021-07-15 press release

BayWa r.e. receives re-certification for the VDE Standardized PV - Power Plant

Katrin Schauer

VDE has re-certified BayWa r.e. for its product “Solar Projects Fix Tilt PV-Power Plant” with the “Standardized PV - Power Plant” certificate.

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first company in the solar industry to be awarded this VDE certificate. The re-certification in 2021 is an extension of the validity of the original certificate. 

As part of the initial certification process, the VDE Testing and Certification Institute tested and evaluated the process and documentation standards for the systematic installation of ground-mounted PV plants, based on VDE-PB-0016-1:2016-03. This includes project organization and design, component selection, purchasing, logistics, as well as aspects of system installation, commissioning, maintenance and quality assurance.

Christoph Reiners, Head of Product Management Ground-Mounted PV at BayWa r.e., explained, “With the recertification, BayWa r.e. has demonstrated that even under the new, stricter quality measures required of the renewable energy industry, no compromises were made in the selection of components, purchasing and logistics. The independent certification confirms that quality is one of BayWa r.e.’s top priorities and that the standardized processes for project development and construction will continue to be adhered to.”

Jonas Brückner, Head of PV Systems at VDE Renewables, said, “VDE continues to support the highest levels of quality in the PV sector which leads to optimal safety, reliability and performance. These days, the focus is on ensuring power plant quality from the component level all the way to the system level, as well as from the planning stage all the way to operations and maintenance. VDE offers neutral third-party verification and certification in these critical aspects. We are pleased to work with BayWa r.e. as one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector.”