Hydrogen Dialogue 2023
VDE Renewables
2023-10-12 event


On December 6 and 7, 2023, the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE - Summit & Expo will bring together national and international decision-makers and experts from business, politics and science along the entire value-added chain of the hydrogen of the hydrogen economy.

The event promotes dialogue, knowledge exchange and networking between business, politics and science in order to support the successful ramp-up of the hydrogen economy in Europe.

While in the conference area (Summit) national and international decision makers and experts will discuss the course for a successful hydrogen economy through lectures, panel discussions and keynotes, the exhibition hall (Expo) offers space for innovations, technologies and start-ups with comprehensive company and project presentations of renowned companies and research institutions.

Sabine Behrmann

The VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN 2023 will take place within the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE Summit & Expo on December 6 and 7, 2023 and promises an exciting program.

The VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN is the pioneering platform dedicated to the promotion and further development of the hydrogen economy in the long term. At a time when hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as the key to a sustainable energy future, the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE brings together industry, research and development, finance and insurance, and policy makers, and promotes in-depth and purposeful discussion.

Against the backdrop of increasing energy storage concerns and the global shift towards clean energy, the VDE Financial Dialogue highlights key issues and insights:

  • Investment boom: In 2022, the hydrogen sector saw a remarkable wave of investment. Industry stakeholders highlighted growing investor confidence in the long-term viability of hydrogen technologies, particularly green hydrogen production.
  • Market dynamics: The dialogue addresses the evolving market dynamics of hydrogen, focusing on the transition from gray to green hydrogen. With the increasing competitiveness of green hydrogen, it has the potential to revolutionize various industries, from transportation to manufacturing.
  • Policy and regulation: at the 2022 event, stakeholders underscored the critical role of clear and supportive regulatory frameworks in driving investment and innovation in the hydrogen sector. Future discussions should focus on aligning policy with energy goals and creating an enabling environment for hydrogen projects.
  • Private sector engagement: industry leaders present innovative business models and collaborative projects that accelerate the hydrogen economy. The dialogue highlights successful partnerships between industry actors, and discusses how private sector engagement can drive progress.
  • Risk mitigation: there is a need to address challenges such as hydrogen transportation, storage and infrastructure. With the help of quality criteria, innovative financing mechanisms and insurance solutions are being explored to build investor confidence.
  • International collaboration: the importance of global collaboration is a recurring theme, with participants emphasizing the potential for cross-border hydrogen trade and sharing of best practices. International partnerships are highlighted as a way to optimize investments and accelerate technological advances.

The focus of the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN 2023 is a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities of the hydrogen economy. In particular, technology development, regulatory and sustainability issues, and the shortage of skilled workers are analyzed. This platform creates an open atmosphere for constructive dialogue and knowledge exchange between all stakeholders.

Event Information:


Date: 6-7 December 2023
Place: Messezentrum Nuremberg, NCC Middle & Hall 10.0

Innovation Stage, 06.12.2023: This element of the event will focus on bankability, insurability and compliance, bringing together representatives from industry, finance and the legal community. The discussions and outcomes that emerge will help shape the future direction of the hydrogen economy.

High Level Panel, 07.12.23: The panel assesses the economic, technical and political perspectives and formulates recommendations for all stakeholders for the sustainable, successful development of the hydrogen industry. The results of the lead workshops and the Innovation Stage are incorporated into these discussions.

VDE Whitepaper, 2024: All findings of the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE will be summarized in a whitepaper, which will be available to all participants and interested parties as a recommendation for action for the development of projects and future framework conditions.

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