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2021-11-08 Publikation

IEA PVPS Task 13 published a new report on the quantification of technical risks in PV investments

VDE Renewables and TÜV Rheinland Solar, together with the international research institutes EURAC, ISFH and SUPSI, are setting new standards for the quantification of technical risks in PV power plants.

Sabine Behrmann

Magnus Herz, Gabi Friesen, Ulrike Jahn, Marc Köntges, Sascha Lindig and David Moser have prepared a detailed Technical Report on the quantification of technical risks associated with investments in PV projects. It provides methods how to assess technical risks, gives examples of the economic impact and shows a collection of PV Failure Fact Sheets (PVFS). The report, which has now been published, focuses on the assessment of technical risks of PV Power Plants, taking into account a risk and cost-benefit analysis.


If you like to learn more about the ability and concept to quantify and manage the various risks at a reasonable cost, you can download this report here:

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