Financial Summit 2023
2023-05-30 publication

SNEC Exhibition and PV Financial Summit 2023

The SNEC Exhibition 2023, held in Shanghai, was a showcase of cutting-edge solar energy technologies and innovations. As one of the world's largest photovoltaic (PV) industry events, it attracted global industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts eager to explore the latest trends and advancements in the solar energy sector.

Sabine Behrmann
SNEC Fair Meetings

The exhibition floor spanned across vast halls, filled with vibrant booths and displays from prominent solar energy companies, research institutions, and startups. Visitors had the opportunity to witness groundbreaking solar products, including next-generation solar panels with increased efficiency, advanced energy storage solutions, and innovative solar-powered applications.

SNEC 2023 served as a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and insights through various conferences, seminars, and workshops. Renowned scientists, engineers, and policymakers delivered keynote speeches and participated in panel discussions, addressing critical topics such as renewable energy policies, grid integration, and the future of solar technology.

A notable highlight of the exhibition was the emphasis on sustainable development and the integration of solar energy into various sectors. Exhibitors showcased solar-powered solutions for transportation, agriculture, smart cities, and other industries, demonstrating the versatility and potential of solar energy beyond traditional power generation.

The Exhibition served as a catalyst for collaboration, networking, and business opportunities. It provided a platform for international cooperation and facilitated partnerships between domestic and overseas companies, paving the way for further advancements and growth in the global solar energy industry.

11th Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit

Burkhard Holder, General Manager of VDE Renewables in Germany, opened the Summit welcoming attendees and emphasizing the importance of working together globally to ensure a sustainable energy transition. He spoke of the value of clear actions and transparent communication to ensure ongoing commercial availability for new energy technologies. 

He said, "at VDE Group we are keen to support the energy industry to its sustainable development by strengthening and smoothening the supply chain from the key manufacturing hubs to the buyers from all over the world. We have further developed and fine-tuned our competence and services in China in a very close, trustworthy cooperation with the Chinese Government owned CTTL organization with Prime labs in Jiaxing and Beijing. We have integrated our VDE Group facilities in Europe and the US into this initiative, including our US leading PV lab RETC. This is an excellent example with best practices from VDE and our Chinese partners and shows how we can build up and execute sustainable business with trust, quality and transparency – across borders."

Overall, the  Summit provided an influential platform for the finance and renewable energy sectors to converge, exchange knowledge, and drive sustainable economic growth through strategic investments and collaborations.

SNEC 2023 Financial Summit & Exhibition Snapshots