Solar panels on Balcony of Apartment block.
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2023-09-06 short info

VDE tests and certifies balcony solar systems

The test specification was developed according to the current legal requirements and applicable regulations and standards. It covers the plant and its components, including one or two PV modules, the cables and connectors, the inverter, the grid connection and the mounting system. This is the first time that VDE has been able to test and certify balcony power plants as a complete system, rather than just evaluating the individual components.

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Balcony solar systems - why certification is worthwhile

Balcony solar systems are compact solutions for generating renewable energy. These systems are usually installed on a balcony railing or otherwise elevated. They allow apartment tenants, for example, to generate electricity from sunlight.

Installation of these systems is often easier and less expensive than conventional solar panels, making them a good option for a wider range of people interested in renewable energy. Buyers are increasingly being advised to use certified products to reduce safety risks. This is a strong incentive for manufacturers of such systems to ensure that they have the appropriate certifications.

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