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The VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN 2023 took place within the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE Summit & Expo on December 6 and 7, 2023 and offered an exciting program.

Dynamically growing technologies such as green hydrogen require disruptive thinking to grow with the complex demands of our time and enable us to deal with upheavals and non-linear developments. 

That is why VDE has been coordinating this platform with leading partner organizations. 

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Financial Dialogue Hydrogen Highlight Film

On December 6 and 7, 2023, the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN brought together national and international decision-makers and experts from business, politics and science along the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy.

The event promotes dialogue, knowledge exchange and networking between business, politics and the scientific community in order to support the successful ramp-up of the hydrogen economy in Europe.

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VDE Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy

Whitepaper Hydrogen 2023
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2024-01-15 Webcontent

The VDE Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy produced after the High Level Panel on the 7th December 2023 summarizes the results of the Germany wide lead workshops, the Innovation Stage presentations by industry experts held on the 6th December and the panel discussions, and serves as an aid to take action and a source of inspiration for all stakeholders in the industry.

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Hydrogen economy status quo - why we need the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN

Hydrogen and its derivatives are an essential part of the energy transition. It links times and regions with surplus electricity from sun and wind with times and regions without green electricity. However, private and institutional investors, policymakers and industry need confidence in the market as well as in its safety and performance. A lot has happened in hydrogen technologies in recent years, and numerous products and systems have been developed that are already being used or are about to be launched on the market. It is now crucial to determine how this, in conjunction with renewable energies and battery storage, can result in commercially promising business models.
The newly emerging markets around hydrogen are still characterized by great uncertainties today, such as product reliability, return on investment - a typical feature of disruptive innovation. 

This year the event focused in particular on the implementation of a targeted market ramp-up. Funding programs and the framework of government hydrogen roadmaps have helped drive commercialization. The challenge now is to also ensure the necessary private sector investment decisions and mobilization of private capital.

Despite the existing roadmaps and a strong EU initiative, there is an increasing danger that other countries will also take over the technology and manufacturing leadership in the hydrogen sector.  The intense discussion in Europe about a restrictive and short-term ban on PFAS compounds as a key component of fuel cells and electrolyzers is additionally leading to significant market uncertainty and loss of confidence in planned investment decisions.

It is therefore important to engage in constructive and goal-oriented dialog with all stakeholders in order to maintain competitiveness in Europe vis-à-vis Asian and American manufacturers and to create attractive conditions for the expansion of production facilities in the long term.


Date: 6-7 December 2023

Place: Messezentrum Nuremberg, NCC Middle & Halle 10.0

Leading workshops: In selected regions, leading experts discussed the current key topics of the hydrogen economy in five lead workshops. 

Innovation Stage, 06.12.2023: This element of the event focused on bankability, insurability and compliance, bringing together representatives from industry, finance and the legal community. The discussions and outcomes that emerged will help shape the future direction of the hydrogen economy.

High Level Panel, 07.12.23: The panel assessed the economic, technical and political perspectives and formulated recommendations for all stakeholders for the sustainable, successful development of the hydrogen industry. The results of the lead workshops and the Innovation Stage were incorporated into these discussions.

VDE Whitepaper, January 2024: All findings of the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE will be summarized in a white paper, which will be available to all participants and interested parties as a recommendation for action for the development of projects and future framework conditions.

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New VDE white paper: Making Europe the lead market for the hydrogen economy

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The new VDE white paper was also presented on the fringes of the World Economic Forum in Davos. From left to right: Erik Schäfer, family investor, Rudolf Hilti, President The System Change Foundation, VDE President Alf Henryk Wulf, Frederic Hoffmann, Co-Founder Racine Production SA, Burkhard Holder, VDE, Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling, Director International Fraunhofer-InstituteSolar Energy Systems

2024-01-16 press release

Following the first edition from 2022, the VDE Group is now publishing its second white paper on the hydrogen economy. To attract the attention of investors, the white paper has now been presented in Liechtenstein and at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The authors recommend driving forward European solutions for greater energy sovereignty.

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