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Our Advisory Services

If your organization is looking for more than the service packages listed here, we would be happy to work with you to identify and meet your advisory and consulting needs. 

These include photovoltaic module and component assessments, due diligence, technical verifications, evaluation of earthing, bonding and lightning protection on mounting systems, overview of relevant standards, general requirements of DIN VDE, overview of deviations in other European countries and presentation of typical product tests before and after ageing tests.  

For energy storage systems, we can assist whether you're looking to increase storage performance, integrate renewable energy sources, prepare a due diligence report, or improve regulatory compliance through battery training and workshops. 

VDE Renewables works with key stakeholders across the renewable energy industry. With experts in a variety of fields, our team can collaborate on upcoming projects and services with the support of the VDE network.  We have the experience and resources to assist you with your renewable energy projects.

Through stakeholder workshops that may include banks and insurance companies, we develop defined criteria catalogs that help products and solutions meet the relevant requirements for bankability and insurability. By evaluating technical concepts, data security, contracts and more, we create trust and minimize risk for all stakeholders from users to investors.

Where do the risks lie?

Risks to bankability
VDE Renewables

Here are some of the Advisory Projects we have executed:

PV Modules and Components

  • A Tailored O&M regime based on the uniquely harsh climatic conditions of a high desert, or a warm and humid climate. This plan would outline the scope and responsibilities of the operator, identify key KPIs, design a customized monitoring system, incorporate preventive maintenance actions, and mitigate endemic problems associated with harsh conditions. 
  • Expert feedback on long-term technical and financial risks from operating large-scale PV power plants. This analytical report included estimates of expected operational lifespan, failure modes and rates, degradation modes, rates, and performance warranties, as well as defects/failures and replacement rates for: PV modules, solar inverters, mounting systems and wiring and connectors 
  • Interpretation of national deviations within German standards versus related IEC/EN/HD standards for electrical installations. 
  • Evaluation of grounding, equipotential bonding and lightning protection on mounting systems, Overview of relevant standards, general requirements from DIN VDE, overview of any deviations in other European countries and presentation of typical product tests before and after aging tests. 

Battery Testing and Projects

Evaluation of installation locations for stationary 2nd life battery storage systems

As part of the EMILAS project, VDE Renewables carried out an assessment of the safety and reliability of 2nd life battery storage systems. Possible installation locations for battery storage systems were analyzed and their advantages and disadvantages were compared. Four basic scenarios were considered as installation locations: Garage, technical room, separate battery room or external container.

Criteria for the design of the fire protection system for second-life storage systems were determined through expert interviews and an in-depth literature analysis.

Information on the study can be found via this link: EMILAS

Electrifying bus companies: LBO and VDE Renewables develop guidelines for small and medium-sized companies

The LBO and VDE Renewables have analysed the challenges faced by private bus companies outside of metropolitan areas when introducing e-mobility. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, is intended to help small and medium-sized bus companies in Bavaria to switch to electrically powered vehicles.

Information on the study can be found via this link: LBO

EU Battery Pass Project

The Battery Pass Consortium is funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and consists of  top-tier international technology, industry, and scientific organizations, including VDE Renewables.

VDE Renewables supports the Battery Pass Project by providing expert guidance on battery circularity and performance, focusing on batteries beyond automotive uses.

The battery passport aims to disclose the environmental impact of batteries for consumers and to standardize the criteria. It includes crucial data like the battery's carbon footprint, production materials, and end-of-life recycling information.

Information on the study can be found via this link: EU Battery Pass


"AnLeiBat" is developing standards for the performance evaluation of commercial and industrial battery storage systems. The project aims to create transparent quality standards to support companies in the selection of suitable energy storage systems. Suggested guidelines and practical handouts for evaluating performance are being developed to improve the cost-effectiveness of investments and enable efficient operation

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Our Divisions

Battery Testing and Advisory Services

Batteries must meet the highest standards of safety, performance and lifetime. We provide comprehensive electrical, mechanical, environmental and abuse tests in VDE Labs worldwide. 

Our consultancy services and solutions prioritize safety, performance, and compliance.

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Batterien im Test

Grid Conformity & Power Transmission

Compliance with the grid connection conditions for the feed-in is a crucial prerequisite for the stability and performance of the electricity grids. VDE Renewables validates the grid conformity of your power generation unit (PGU) or your PGP according to the respective grid access regulations or grid codes.

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Back view of a solar panel

PV Modules & Components

Comprehensive testing and certification solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules and components. Through our in-depth expertise in the latest standards and state-of-the-art technological developments, we can check and confirm the safety and reliability of your PV modules. We can test in our laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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Photovoltaisches Solarzellenpanel aus der Luft