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Testing and Certification

VDE is an internationally active certification body, carrying out hundreds of thousands of component tests per year. Through our ongoing engagement of key stakeholders in the renewable energy industry, particularly financial institutions, and insurance firms, we recognize that existing standards requirements, although important, are insufficient to achieve bankability, investability and insurability for all projects and major equipment. These standards must be extended with additional criteria.

Which service divisions offer Testing and Certification?

Testing can be done based on (international or national) standards and regulations, as well as based on customer requirements (customized testing), both for the purpose of certification as well as during product development (e.g. performance testing of a product, comparative testing of multiple different brands for suitability in a client product or customized safety testing to evaluate safety behavior in more detail than what is done in the framework of standard-based testing).

In the area of battery energy storage, we work with many of the leading international manufacturers to certify conformance with a variety of IEC, UN, and VDE, as well as conduct testing based on other standards (e.g., UL).

With regards to evaluating energy storage equipment, VDE operates multiple state-of-the-art testing facilities for batteries throughout the world, including test labs in Singapore, Germany, US, and China. The focus of our testing operations has been in the areas of product safety and reliability. These resources enable us to support our customers more effectively and efficiently, who are engaged in the development and deployment of BESS systems or -modules and lithium-ion cells.

The VDE Quality Tested mark for PV Modules features a stringent and optimized testing program tailored to achieving technical bankability. The program offers significant advancements in quality assurance in the following key areas:

  • More stringent module design and product qualification criteria to help validate module quality
  • In-line tests implemented in mass production to identify critical failures impacting module safety and performance at an early stage
  • Quarterly monitoring of module quality to ensure consistency and a problem-free manufacturing process
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VDE Renewables

We developed our VDE Pyramid of Quality approach, which is our guiding principle for the development of products and services for all clean technologies. One of the important goals of this approach, which is especially important for financial stakeholders, is to achieve a significant reduction of operational risks, which is paramount to project valuation. Our experience shows that risk is reduced as you shift further up the pyramid.

VDE Quality Pyramid
VDE Renewables

Our Divisions

Battery Testing and Systems

Batteries must meet the highest standards of safety, performance and lifetime. We provide comprehensive electrical, mechanical, environmental and abuse tests in VDE Prime Labs worldwide. Testing and certification of light electric vehicles, battery testing and certification, battery forensics and accident investigations.

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Batterien im Test

Grid Conformity & Power Transmission

We support you in validating the conformity of your power generation units and power generation plants. We offer unit certificates for PV inverters, wind generators and biomass power generation (CPH) systems, certification of components, system and unit certification, and on-site inspections

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PV Modules

Comprehensive testing and certification solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules. Through our in-depth expertise in the latest standards and state-of-the-art technological developments, we can check and confirm the safety and reliability of your PV modules. We can test in our laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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With rapid developments in hydrogen technologies, components and systems can change in a short time. To ensure better insurability and bankability we offer the VDE Corporate Standard and audits according to international norms and standards. We establish criteria based on industry developments, offer technical consulting and due diligence, and monitor  quality assurance of supply chains. 

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