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Testing Lab Department 2 (TL 2)

Appliances for Cooking, Dishwashing and Laundry Care, Household and Commercial use (TL 21)

Small Appliances, Household and Commercial use (TL 22)

Energy Efficiency and Performance, Household and Commercial use (TL 23)

Cooling and Freezing (TL 24)

Tools and Gardening (TL 25)

Heating, Pumps Water Heating, Motor Drives (TL 26)

Testing Lab Department 3 (TL 3)

Miniature Fuses, Capacitors (TL 31)

Installation Products, Switches for appliances, Plugs, Appliance Couplers, Endurance Testing (TL 32)

Controls, Relays (TL 33)

Transformers and Wires (TL 33)

Switchgears and Protective Devices (TL 34)

Connectors and Energy Distribution Components (TL 35)

Testing Lab Department 4 (TL 4)

Medical and Laboratory Devices, MCT (TL 41)

AC/DC Charging Infastructure and Smart Meter (TL 42)

Smart Technologies and Functional Safety (TL 43)

Light, ICT Consumer Electronics (TL 44)

Testing Lab Department 6 (TL 6)

Energy Cables and Special Cables (TL 63)

Fire Test Center (TL 64)

HAR, Products for Live Working, Cable Management Systems, Communication Cables (TL 65)

Testing Lab Department 7 (TL 7)

EMC, Acoustics (TL 71)

Chemical Product Safety and Sustainability (TL 72)

Environmental Simulation and Batteries (TL 73)

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