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2019-07-19 Testing + Certification

The VDE Institute supports manufacturers

Easier market access thanks to the VDE mark

As a manufacturer of products, you always want to develop and produce the best. Ultimately, you want to make the customer satisfied with your own product. When it comes to electrical components, equipment or systems, safety and international marketing also play a very major role in addition to customer satisfaction. The VDE Institute offers the appropriate services in both fields.

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Easier market access thanks to the VDE mark
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We assist you with your goal of producing safe equipment, components and systems and, thanks to its high international acceptance, our marks help you access the global market more easily. Not only do we offer testing according to national and international standards, we also perform tests according to your manufacturer specifications. Anybody who is already developing a product can save time, money, and resources by having our specialists involved from the start.

Contact us with your problem, your test specifications, or your desired certification. We assist you on your path to market introduction.


Our services for component manufacturers

Our services for equipment and system manufacturers

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