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Acoustic and Noise Emission Measurements

The aim of the various standards, regulations and directives is to protect consumers and the environment from damaging noise emissions. To accomplish this, the manufacturer or his authorized representative must ensure that machines and equipment comply with current provisions and directives. A tested and certified product with the mark of the VDE Institute contributes substantially to the needed safety and quality. Through our high quality and many decades of expertise, you establish safety and facilitate market entry.


Stephanie Werner

We offer acoustic tests with the most advanced measuring technology

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For years, the VDE Institute has tested compliance with normative and legal regulations for its customers in the area of noise emission. To do this, acoustic tests are performed with state-of-the-art measuring technology in a reflection-poor hemi-anechoic chamber of accuracy class 1. The possibility of real-time processing of the measured data allows us to quickly conclude tests and promptly notify the test results.
Another highlight is our intensity probe, used to accurately locate sound sources in machines and equipment so product defects can be repaired quickly and efficiently.

Since transporting machines and equipment is not always so easy, we also offer to you on-site tests and measurements.

An overview of our range of services:

  • Reproducible measurements by preventing interference in a measurement chamber acc. to DIN EN ISO 3745 (reflection-poor hemi-anechoic chamber of accuracy class 1)
  • Type tests for EU Directive 2000/14/EC ("Outdoor Directive")
  • Type tests required by the EU energy labels
  • Type tests for all directives and product standards that require a determination of acoustic power or noise level measurement on the user's ear
  • Analysis of noises using narrow band analysis
  • Development-accompanying tests
  • Sound source localizations in machines and equipment
  • Portable audio equipment and headphone testing using a head-torso simulator acc. to EN 50332
  • Oscillation and vibration tests for handheld tools
  • Psychoacoustic comparative test to assess noise quality
  • Measurements done according to the customer's specification


Acoustic and Noise Emission Measurements

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