Anja Rottke / VDE

Review of the GeMiC 2024


The German Microwave Conference is the Spotlight in Research and Engineering where experts from industry and universities, electronic enthusiast, students and postdocs come together for presenting their latest results and celebrate the new technology insights.

This years GeMiC was hosted by the University Duisburg Essen in the city of Duisburg the Mercator Hall.

Key speakers like:  

The invited expert Prof. Alwyn Seeds from the University College London held an impressive overview on the photonics side of the THz-technology advancements. The title of his talk was “Photonically enabled THz Wireless Technologies”

Dr. Gerd Hechtfischer from Rohde & Schwarz gave an overview on the advancement in the upcoming mobile communication standard 6G, the next level of wireless communication and data transmission.

Prof. Safumi Suzuki from the Tokyo Institute of Technology shown in extraordinary overview on resonant tunneling diodes for Terahertz signal sources. 

Dr. Joel Dunsmore from Keysight was presenting Advances in Wideband Modulated Load-pull Measurements for Power, EVM and ACPR.

Dr. Peter Huggard from UKRI – RAL Space gave an overview on the development of waveguide heterodyne technology at frequencies from the W-Band to above 1 THz.

Jonathan Borrill from Anritsu Group gave an insight on new testing technologies for sub-THz bands.

By Dr.-Ing. Damian Dudek
Managing Director VDE ITG