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VDE Position Paper Photonic-Electronic Integration

Key Technologies for Communication and Sensor Technologies

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Für das 2021 erschienene VDE Positionspapier "Photonisch-elektronische Integration" steht Ihnen auch eine englischsprachige Veröffentlichung zur Verfügung:

Performant and efficient information processing, distribution and storage is essential for the digitisation of the economy and society. Microelectronics are developing at a rapid pace and require photonics in processing technology, data communication and sensor technology as a necessary supplement. Rapidly increasing data rates and new applications like THz radio, coherence tomography, machine vision, LIDAR and quantum information processing increasingly require the use of photonic technologies. Both technologies can only fully realise their effect if electronics and photonics are intelligently integrated.

Throughout the world, initiatives like Petra (3) in Japan, DARPA’s Electronics Re-urgence Initiative with projects like PIPES (4) and LUMOSA and industrial consortia like COBO (5) and CPO (6) are concentrating on driving photonic-electronic integration forward. In Germany, the DFG is promoting basic research in this field as part of a focused programme (7). However, a variety of challenges have to be solved for commercial implementation. The federal government’s high-tech strategy emphasises the fundamental importance of microelectronics for Germany. In conjunction with the photonics segment, with which German industry achieved a turnover of EUR 3 billion in 2018 (8), the opportunities offered by photo-electronic integration in future-oriented fields like communications, Industry 4.0 and mobility must be taken advantage of now. To this end, 1) a promotional initiative for photonic-electronic integrated circuits, 2) the further development of silicon as an integration platform, including heterointegration and 3) the drafting of an industrial strategy for photonic-electronic microchips are recommended.

(See publication for footnotes)

Das englischsprachige Positionspapier steht Ihnen im rechten Download-Bereich zur Verfügung. Die deutschsprachige Veröffentlichung steht ebenfalls zur Verfügung.

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