VDE mark

VDE approved products

The VDE Online Catalogue is more than just a certification register. It is a database supported information platform for all those, who want to obtain information on safe, reliable and neutrally tested products. Equipped with a search engine for synonyms and full text, the user receives fast and accurate detailed information for the selected product. This service is provided equally to manufacturers, purchasers, the trade, the market surveillance authorities and the consumer.

Customer Service

Diverse usage of VDE database

  • For manufacturers: useful for product development and in the selection of safe components for the construction of appliances.
  • For purchasers and the trade: useful in the selection of safe products.
  • For the market surveillance: useful for enquiries within the frame of market surveillance.
  • For the consumer: useful for the purchasing decision because the user can find out, which products have been found to be good and safe.
To the VDE approved products

Explanation of search results

The search result will present:

  • company name + address
  • selected product category (i.e. washing machine)
  • VDE certificate number
  • type designation
  • which VDE mark was granted
  • important technical data


In the search without reference number you can select the following criteria for your search:

  • product category (i.e. washing machine)
  • company name
  • certificate number
  • certification mark
  • type designation
  • technical data