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2019-05-21 Testing + Certification

Marks and Certificates

The VDE mark means safety for manufacturers and consumers. The VDE Institute can look back on decades of experience as a testing and certification institution you can rely on.

Certifications with the VDE mark are recognized worldwide

Product certification allows the manufacturer to affix the VDE Certification Marks mentioned in the marks approval to all products in conformity with the tested one.

Besides certification with one of the VDE marks, VDE test reports are also recognized for obtaining the national test marks of other countries, in Europe and worldwide.

The products marked with the ENEC and HAR signs of the VDE Institute can be marketed throughout Europe without the need to obtain certifications from other European authorities.

The certification basis is as follows:

  • Directive for the Test and Certification System – PM 101
  • Test and Certification Regulations – PM 102
  • Certification marks, certificates, confirmations – PM 045
  • Certified products are subject to factory inspections and production monitoring


VDE Online Catalogue


The VDE Online Catalogue is more than just a certification register. It is a database supported information platform for all those, who want to obtain information on safe, reliable and neutrally tested products. Equipped with a search engine for synonyms and full text, the user receives fast and accurate detailed information for the selected product. This service is provided equally to manufacturers, purchasers, the trade, the market surveillance authorities and the consumer.

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Unlawful Use

VDE Shenzhen

In our database of unlawful use, we provide information about the products that exist without a valid VDE approval. You can check at any time whether our VDE mark is possibly falsified or misused.

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