New Pedelec Test Bench at the VDE Institute
2020-12-08 expert contribution

New Pedelec Test Bench at the VDE Institut

The VDE Institute has many years of extensive experience in the field of e-bike and pedelec EMC tests. We have now expanded our Pedelec Test Bench to continue to meet the requirements of manufacturers in the field of e-bike and pedelecs. 

Dr. Stephan Kloska
Neuer Pedelec Stand - Kurzes Bike

The previous test bench has been significantly expanded allowing for tests of cargo bicycles, bicycles with a longer wheelbase and those with special dimensions. Our experts in the field of pedelec testing were able to use their experience in cooperation with engineers to create an innovative, even more efficient and unique test bench on the market. This means even faster processing for our customers.

The expansion of the Pedelec Test Bench is the first of three expansion stages. Further expansion stages will also make it possible to test multi-track pedelecs in the future.  

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