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Vehicle EMC testing and E-Mark obtaining (E1 Germany) in Japan

ECE Regulation R10 addresses EMC testing requirements for vehicles, automotive components, or sub-assembled electronic devices. “E” type approval, introduced in ECE R10 applies to more than 50 countries. The E-mark is accompanied by the country code of the approving authority. "E1" is a mark approved by the German Federal Motor Transport authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt – KBA).

VDE Global Services Japan

We would like to introduce a one-stop service in partnership with Japan Gas Equipment Inspection Association QA Centre (JIA-QA Centre) and Japan Quality Assurance Organisation (JQA).

EMC test results, carried out at JQA or customer facilities, will be reviewed by JQA inspectors on behalf of VDE auditors, registered as KBA technical service. 

Conformity of Production audit performed by JIA auditors, also registered as KBA technical service.

VDE GS Japan will support to apply and obtaining an E1 mark approval for our clients. The proposed arrangement makes the whole process of obtaining E-mark smooth and easy. Our clients will benefit from local testing scheme, which helps to shorten the delivery period for your type approval.

* Mutual recognition system based on “The UN/ECE 1958 Agreement” on Reciprocal Recognition of Type Approval of Motor Vehicles, etc.

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