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2023-02-03 short info

New standard DIN EN 62852 (VDE 0126-300):2021-07 Connectors for DC applications in photovoltaic systems

Connectors used for PV systems must withstand special conditions. Due to outdoor use, they are not only exposed to massive sunlight. They must also remain efficient in prolonged rain or snow and in very high to very low temperatures. The DIN EN 62852 (VDE 0126-300):2021-07 standard for connectors for DC voltage applications in photovoltaic systems takes up precisely these requirements.

Daniel Granatella

The standard addresses special connectors used in DC circuits of photovoltaic systems according to protection class II of IEC 61140:2001 with rated voltages up to 1500 V, DC and rated currents up to 125 A per contact. The standard applies to connectors without load switching capacity, but which can be disconnected and mated in a live manner. Also included are connectors to be installed or integrated into housings of PV system equipment. For connectors with protection classes 0 and III according to IEC 61140:2001 and for protection class II equipment for use at less than 50 V DC voltage in photovoltaic systems, this standard can be used as a guide. 

The standard is already in use and the transition period is still until April 29, 2023. The experts at the VDE Institute recommend that manufacturers have their products tested according to the new standard now.

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