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VDE Medical Software

VDE Medical Software is a web-based marketplace that offers knowledge, networking and guidance. VDE Medical Software supports companies in advancing market access for medical software.

Medical software supports diagnosis and therapy in medical care. The software can be a stand-alone product, e.g. an app on a smartphone, or a component of a medical device, e.g. for device control.

Strict Regulations for Medical Software

In order to protect patients from harm, medical software is subject to particularly strict regulations. It is classified as a medical device. The requirements for the approval and operation of medical devices are very high. The European Medical Device Regulation, which has recently come into force, has significantly increased the requirements once again. Companies that want to market medical software are confronted with a regulatory jungle. Small and medium-sized companies are particularly affected.

VDE Medical Software Supports Manufacturers and Operators

VDE Medical Software therefore supports manufacturers and operators of medical software in accessing the market for their products. The service offers expertise, expert contacts and advice on all aspects of marketing medical software. The aim is to clear the regulatory thicket and facilitate market access for companies.

VDE Medical Software is a web-based marketplace. The users

  • find expertise and best practice examples,
  • receive explanations of important technical terms,
  • get answers to their specific questions,
  • get to know experts,
  • exchange ideas with them and
  • demand individual consulting for their projects.

Ask the experts!

The strength of VDE Medical Software is the network of experts who are well versed in their fields. Registered users have the opportunity to actively contribute and share their knowledge and to distinguish themselves as experts. VDE Medical Software is also supported by a partner network. Experts for software development, quality management, standards, clinical evaluation, medical device law, liability law, data protection, market access and much more support the VDE Medical Software Community.

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