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2017-07-25 press release

Cyber Security: VDE member companies sending alarm

Only 13 percent consider Germany to be well prepared for cyber security. VDE demands a culture of openness because only a joint protection makes security against cyberattacks possible. VDE creates an anonymous platform for trustworthy cyber-assault information exchange and supports small and middle-sized businesses in improving cyber security.

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As digitalization increases, the problems are increasing as well. For 88 percent of VDE member companies (electrical and IT industries), cyber security is an essential requirement for digitalization.

"The crux is, however, that many companies do not find enough IT specialists to advance digitalization internally and protect the organization from external attacks," explains Ansgar Hinz, CEO of the technology association VDE at the world's biggest hacker conference, Black Hat and Def Con in Las Vegas. Among the big companies, this statement is shared 100 percently whereas in the middle class it is represented by 71 percent. "IT security is critical to success. We believe that in the middle class not everyone has recognized the seriousness of the situation, " is how Hinz explains the strong difference. VDE companies are particularly concerned about the massive attack on their most valuable divisions, research and development, IT and production. The consequences cannot be described in scope. Some examples include system and production failures, malfunctions with consequences for body and life as well as industrial pioneering.

VDE-CEO Ansgar-Hinz

Ansgar Hinz, CEO of VDE, demands that companies should develop a culture of openness to deal with cyberattacks on society.

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71 percent of companies with more than 5,000 employees have already been victims of cyberattacks, but the estimated number is likely to be much higher. Only 10 percent are of the opinion that Germany is a leader in IT security in an international comparison.

"We need a culture of openness because we can effectively counteract the Black Hats only with joint forces. Events such as those in Las Vegas are an important step in this direction, "emphasizes Hinz. However, above all, the medium-sized businesses have to invest more in cyber security. "We know that many smaller companies do not have the resources for their own Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)." The technology association VDE has therefore created the first platform for the coordination of cyber security problems in the field of industrial automation in form of CERT@VDE. “At the explicit request of the middle class," emphasizes Hinz. On an anonymous platform, companies are now exchanging confidently. The VDE supports them flanking a non-commercial CERT in the improvement of their cyber security.