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2017-06-14 press release

Electromobility: VDE wants to close the gap in legally compliant billing

New working group elaborates VDE application rules for consistent conformity assessment


Press Officer

The legally compliant billing for electricity during the charge of electric vehicles has still not been fully clarified.
It is true that the Rule Determination Committee (Regelermittlungsausschuss - REA) has published a first technical rule - REA-Document 6-A "Rules and findings of the Rule Determination Committee according to § 46 of the Measurement and Calibration Act for measuring devices and add-on devices within the scope of e-mobility". Conformity assessment procedures can now be createdon this basis. However, many requirements for test conditions and conformity assessments are only insufficiently clarified.

VDE|DKE has now brought together manufacturers of measuring instruments and systems as well manufacturers of charging infrastructures, users and conformity assessment bodies in the working group "Rules for Electricity Measurement Systems in the Focus of Electromobility" in order to close the gap in verifiable legally compliant billing,

VDE|DKE and VDE Institute, which contributes its expertise as a test and certification institute for electromobility, offer the participants a neutral platform to describe missing test requirements and criteria and create a set of rules to be used for the conformity assessment. These regulations are then published as a VDE application rule "AR 2418-3-100 Electromobility: Measuring systems for charging devices" and then introduced into European and international standardization.