PV hybrid installation in Rwanda

PV hybrid installation in Rwanda

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2016-07-18 press release

New test specification for PV diesel hybrid systems

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute, together with the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH and OneShore Energy GmbH, has developed a new test method for data collection and the calculations of the diesel savings in PV diesel hybrid systems.

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Standard VDE-PB-0014:2015

The developed test definition is intended to establish a solid industry standard for the calculation of diesel savings in PV diesel hybrid systems, which creates transparency and comparability, thus reducing the evaluation effort for customers, banks and equity investors.

The newly developed test specification VDE-PB-0014: 2015 "Methods for load measurements and extrapolation and minimum technical requirements for the definition of simulation input parameters for hybrid power generation systems" defines specific criteria for the calculation of the energy balances and thus the calculated fuel savings along the individual system conceptual steps are important. With the help of this provision, the VDE Institute checks and validates the individual steps and criteria. The issued certificate serves as a seal of quality for customers, investors and financiers.

The new test specification was published on 22 June 2016 at the Intersolar Europe fair in Munich.