LG approval ceremony - Photo 1
2020-10-28 expert contribution

VDE Renewables approves the initial stabilization method using the chamber proposed by LG Electronics

LG Electronics receives TDAP approval
VDE Renewables GmbH

VDE Renewables and LG Electronics held an approval ceremony for the initial stabilization method using a chamber at LG Electronics Yang-jae R&D Campus on 27 October 2020.

LG Electronics’ Energy business unit’s solar cell test laboratory (SCTL) operates stage 2 of the Test Data Acceptance Program (TDAP), which is VDE’s own test center accreditation program. The initial stabilization method using a chamber reduces the time consumed for the IEC standard certification by about 10 days as the initial stabilization test is carried out regardless of the weather.

VDE Renewables, which specializes in quality assurance services in sustainable energy, and VDE Global Services Korea attended this ceremony to celebrate LG Electronics’ fruitful outcome and promise closer business cooperation in the field of testing and certification in the future.

Sabine Behrmann