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2019-05-21 Testing + Certification

Ten advantages of our VDE marks

Worldwide, VDE marks on electrical products respresent safety and security. Through the testing of electro technical products in a comprehensive, impartial and independent manner, the VDE Institute ensures the products’ safety, electromagnetic compatibility and usability. With its services, the VDE Institute supports the investments of the manufacturers in the quality of their products.

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1. VDE marks certifies the conformity of the product with national and international standards as well as the fulfillment of legal protection requirements.

2. VDE marks offer competitive advantages through a high degree of recognition, maximum product safety and globally recognized test quality. Purchaser and consumers all over the world know the VDE mark and use it as a reliable guidance when buying.

  • A consumer study conducted in Germany showed that 75 percent of respondents expect electrical products to be tested by a neutral body.
  • About two-thirds of the interviewees in the study are influenced by VDE safety labels during their purchase decision.
  • The VDE mark is the security symbol for the end-user.
  • "Safety" and "mark of conformity" are the most important criteria for a purchase.

3. Wholesalers and retailers know that VDE tested products are demanded by the end-user.

4. VDE marks are validated as a mark of conformity as well as an award by manufacturers, the trade, authorities and end-users.

5. The VDE mark is the premium brand for high testing and service quality and thus offers customer-specific advantages in

  • minimizing risk in the design and production process. The neutral testing carried out by the VDE Institute means more safety in the development, production and use of electrical products.
  • building confidence in the customer and the end-user. Thus, VDE marks offer clear marketing advantages.

6. The international certification service of the VDE Institute enables the problem-free recognition of VDE testing reports in national approval procedures, thus offering advantages for a rapid worldwide launch of the products. The VDE mark is also an important quality and safety characteristic for international manufacturers.

7. The VDE mark can be used as a marketing tool because of the consumer orientation to the requirements "safety" and "quality".

8. VDE tested products have a low complaint rate due to reliable test results as well as production inspections and performed market surveillances.

9. VDE tested products reflect the state-of-the-art in technology and offer improved legal certainty in case of unexpected problems with the application of the product in daily use.

10. The active participation of the VDE Institute in standardization allows a rapid response to changes in standards and offers a reliable basis for the application and managing of the normative requirements. These are important advantages for the VDE customers in the development process of their products.

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