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New ETSI Guides ease the way to secure IoT

The VDE Institute's cybersecurity experts recommend two new documents from the ETSI Technical Standard Committee to manufacturers of IoT products (Internet of Things) to support the development of secure IoT.

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The ETSI Technical Committee on Cybersecurity (TC CYBER) has published ETSI EN 303 645, a global IoT security standard for consumer products. This standard for cybersecurity forms the security basis for consumer products connected to the Internet and is the basis for IoT certification systems. The VDE Institute also offers testing and certification services based on the EN 303 645 standard and the ETSI TS 103 701 test specification.

In addition to this standard, ETSI has now published new documents to help manufacturers on the path to secure IoT products. 

The "Guide to Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things" (ETSI TR 103 621 V1.1.1 (2022-03)) is designed to help manufacturers and other stakeholders comply with the cybersecurity provisions in ETSI EN 303 645 and the ETSI TS 103 701 test specification for consumer IoT devices. It explains the relationship between these specifications and how they can be used together. It also provides several examples that can be used for compliance.

The Technical Specification "Cyber Security for Home Gateways; Security Requirements as vertical from Consumer Internet of Things" (ETSI TS 103 848 V1.1.1 (2022-03)) defines security requirements for home gateways that result from the analysis performed in ETSI TR 103 743 and that go beyond the requirements defined in ETSI EN 303 645 for consumer IoT devices.

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