Renewable Energies
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VDE Renewables

The demand for renewable energy is increasing worldwide. The VDE Institute has successfully expanded its expertise in the areas of security and performance testing and certification. Our offer in the area of renewable energy premium services is increased. From the component to the complex system - our services are based on decades of experience in this sector. In addition, Germany is one of the world's leading countries when it comes to the implementation of renewable energy technologies.


Frauke Schütte

Offering quality assurance, certification and bankability services for renewable energy around the world

VDE Renewables

The global renewable energy sector continues on its path of sustainable growth. Investors, financiers and other stakeholders in the sector have adapted their expectations and require a superior level of product and system quality that goes beyond established international quality standards.

In order to serve existing and future markets efficiently and effectively, VDE has consolidated its renewables-related business areas into a strategic entity, VDE Renewables GmbH, headquartered in Alzenau, Germany.

If you’re looking for:

  • Internationally recognized certification for your PV modules and power plants
  • Expert consultancy services on quality processes of your cleantech projects
  • Technical due diligence reports on manufacturers or PV projects
  • Tailored market research, and more

VDE Renewables can help you.

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