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Information Technology

If there is one industry that is increasingly promoting understanding and communication technology at incredibly dynamic speeds, it is information technology – including office equipment as a special area. Life without a PC at your desk, mobile phone or navigation system – can you imagine it? Probably not.

In order to realize communicative progress with the necessary safety and continuity the VDE Institute offers special services. Market access will be made easier on the basis of assured compliance with national and international standards and legal requirements.

The testing competency and the internationally high reputation of the VDE Mark make the VDE Institute the ideal service partner for the IT industry.


Stephanie Werner

Product testing in information technology

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  • Data processing equipment
  • Personal computers
  • Office equipment
  • Copying machines
  • Visual display terminals
  • Telecommunication appliances
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Access control systems
  • Power supply units and transformers
  • Switch-mode power supply units
  • IT components
  • Additional products for information and office technology


Intelligent information technology

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