Members of the economic initiative Smart Living

The members of the economic initiative Smart Living during the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding.

2017-03-15 press release

VDE impulses adopted: Business Initiative Smart Living

Now it's official: Representatives of companies and associations, including VDE, ZVEH, ZVEI, Bitkom, GDW and ZVSHK, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the founding of an economic initiative Smart Living.

The technology association VDE had initiated the economic initiative. The goal of the initiative is to develop Germany into an international key market for smart living applications. Instead of thinking in silos, the members have realized that only through the effective concentration of all the forces and interests Germany has a chance in the global competition. "We must quickly create the right conditions together so that Germany can take a leading position in terms of market dynamics," says Dr. Thomas Becks, Head of Technology and Innovation at VDE.

Dr. Siegfried Pongratz
Press Officer

All work as one

The initiative provides opportunities for the exchange of information and synergies to the members, for example through easier access to politics, the media and the public. The members want to share their know-how about technologies, platforms, ecosystems and global smart-living activities. They are closely involved in the political and economic development of the framework conditions for the shaping of a smart-living market. The Memorandum of Understanding also provides that the members can use the initiative to attract partners for the creation of new products, applications and business models. Ultimately, everyone is pulling together in market communications and public relations. This gives their target groups a uniform and comprehensible picture of Smart Living. Finally, the buyers must be convinced.

The participants have worked out a structural proposal for the initiative together with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which has already begun work with three working groups. The working group Market is headed by Johannes Hauck of the company Hager Company. Dr. Thomas Becks from the VDE, heads the working group Law and Ingolf Jakobi from ZVEH leads the group Qualification.