MIDEA accepts the VDE special certificate for process water storage tanks from the VDE Institute

Sven Öhrke (left), member of the Executive Board at the VDE Institute, issues the VDE special certificate to Wang Ming from MIDEA Water Heaters.

| Anja Rottke
2018-09-03 press release

VDE special certificate for process water storage tanks from Chinese market leader MIDEA

Software-controlled MIDEA process water storage tanks independently optimize energy consumption based on analyzed usage behavior. The VDE Institute confirms a 35 percent energy savings compared to an identical device with conventional regulation.

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On 8/31 at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin, the VDE Institute issued a VDE special certificate to representatives of Chinese market leader MIDEA for their 60-liter process water storage tank. Following standard EN 50440 "Efficiency of electrical hot water tanks for household use", the VDE test experts in their laboratories determined the savings potential of a software-controlled process water storage tank compared to identical devices with conventional regulation. The MIDEA process water storage tank analyzes the habits of consumers and optimizes the control behavior based on this information. This could lead to energy savings of up to 35 percent, confirmed the experts at the VDE Institute.

"The direct reduction in costs due to energy savings of more than one third not only delights users of process water storage tanks but it naturally means a lower environmental impact as well – a true win-win situation", said Sven Öhrke, member of the Executive Board at the VDE Institute, yesterday at the certificate handover at the IFA. MIDEA had commissioned the VDE to calculate the percentage of energy savings due to the use of consumption-oriented, active regulation for process water storage tanks.
The VDE and MIDEA–one of the biggest household appliance manufacturers in China and who is already a market leader in that country–have been working together since 2005. The reason for the international certification by the VDE Institute is largely due to MIDEA’s goal of significantly increasing its market share and sales on the international market.

Manufacturers and consumers alike use VDE special certificates. First of all, the certificates showcase the product’s excellent characteristics; second, they give consumers important guidance in making their purchase decision. Both parties mainly have the peace of mind that an independent institution, the VDE Institute, has certified the promise of high quality.