Haier receives a VDE special certificate from Sven Öhrke for exceptionally long-lasting freshness

Sven Öhrke (links) vom VDE-Institut vergibt zwei Sonderzertifikate an Yannick Fierling, CEO Haier Europe.

| Carina Schilay
2018-08-31 press release

Freshness that lasts 8x longer: The VDE Institute issues two special certificates to Haier’s combination refrigerator-freezer

On August 30 at the IFA 2018, the VDE Institute issued two special certificates to Haier, thereby certifying the combination refrigerator-freezers’ exceptionally long-lasting freshness.

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On 8/30/2018 at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin, the VDE Institute issued Chinese household appliance manufacturer Haier two VDE special certificates for combination refrigerator-freezers of the device type BCD-520WICTU1. The VDE experts certify the devices’ top marks in freshness with these special certificates. "During the test, we focused on how long the combination refrigerator-freezers kept the food fresh", explained Sven Öhrke, member of the Executive Board at the VDE Testing and Certification Institute GmbH yesterday in Berlin.

For the first special certificate, the VDE experts tested the special MSA storage compartment (membrane separation atmosphere) in the refrigerator compartment. Here they tested the functionality of active oxygen reduction in the storage compartment, which is intended to slow down the ageing of openly stored food. "Our test experts concluded that Haier’s combination refrigerator-freezer achieves the highest score in this respect", says Öhrke. Afterwards, the VDE experts tested food preservation using a food simulator. To do so, they compared the change in the food simulator when stored in the MSA storage compartment and in the conventional storage compartment.

"After three days, food weight loss in the MSA storage compartment was lower than outside in the refrigerated area; as such, food that is stored in device type BCD-520WICTU1 stays fresh eight times longer. There are top marks in this respect as well", said Öhrke.


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