Photo collage of renewable energies
Massimo Cavallo / Fotolia
2016-08-26 press release

VDE launches new company "VDE Renewables"

The board of the VDE has jointly decided to regroup the field of renewable energies in the VDE. The VDE Renewables GmbH is to 100 % a VDE company and works closely with the VDE Testing and Certification Institute and all structures of the VDE Group.

The VDE provides the renewable energy sector as one of the core business for the future.

VDE Renewables GmbH, headquartered in Alzenau, was recently founded in order to be able to better serve the requirements of the market and to extend the area even further for services beyond certification.

In the first phase, the newly founded company will start with the photovoltaic sector. Gradually and in coordination and close cooperation with the VDE Institute, further areas of renewable energies will be rebuilt.

On 1 August 2016 VDE Renewables GmbH started its work. Mr. Burkhard Holder was appointed Managing Director. Mr. Arnd Roth will be Technical Director.

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