The "We love VDE sign" is held in the air during the festival.

A resounding success: the first business festival for electronics, information technology and computer science in Dresden attracted many visitors and combined live music with exciting career opportunities in the technology sector.

| Jonas Kron / VDE
2024-06-11 press release

Electro beats and plans for the future: business festival inspires several hundred students for electrical engineering and information technology

For the first time, the VDE organized "bits, bonding, bassline", a business festival for electronics, information technology and computer science. Hundreds of prospective and current students attended the premiere in Dresden. The aim of the innovative format was to bring young people and companies together in order to highlight career opportunities and counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Numerous companies and universities helped to shape the program.

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In the foreground a band member with guitar on stage, behind him the celebrating audience.

They all share one passion: students and young professionals from all over Germany celebrated together in Dresden at the Business Festival for Electronics, Information Technology and Computer Science.

| Jonas Kron / VDE

(Frankfurt a. M., 11.06.2024) Eagerly awaited: On June 7, the first Business Festival for Electronics, Information Technology and Computer Science attracted several hundred students and prospective students from all over Germany to Dresden. Under the motto "bits, bonding, bassline", the energetic mix of live music and career opportunities at Stromwerk Dresden in Kraftwerk Mitte provided a unique platform for bringing together young talent and leading companies in the technology sector. The numerous registrations not only illustrated the great interest in this format, they also confirmed the organizers' decision: To be continued.

"The high number of visitors impressively demonstrated how we can appeal to young people and get them interested in technical professions. We are delighted that we were able to reach so many students and young professionals and show them through the festival how exciting and important electrical engineering and information technology is today," emphasized the initiator of the event, Dr. Damian Dudek, Managing Director of the Information Technology Society in the VDE (VDE ITG). The event was organized by the VDE with the support of the Chair of Circuit Technology and Network Theory at Dresden University of Technology. Other sponsors include various companies, universities and the city of Dresden.

A band takes to the stage at the VDE electronics festival.

Visitors enjoyed performances by award-winning bands and DJs who brought the Stromwerk to life with their electronic beats.

| Jonas Kron / VDE

Clear the stage: Career starters and live acts celebrate electrical engineering and information technology

Young career starters provided first-hand experience. On stage, they shared their personal stories and talked about how they mastered their studies in electrical engineering and information technology, what motivated them and what exciting opportunities the field offers. 

In addition, several bands and DJs fired up the crowd at Stromwerk. These included the award-winning PARTYPROFs from TU Dresden – three electrical engineers with a passion for music, Goldbrasse with rousing guitar interludes, Foreghost with cool indie rock, and DJ Rob Lafête, who brought the latest hits from the world of electronic music. "Wow, the atmosphere was really great, it was fun to be part of it," said Prof. Frank Ellinger from TU Dresden. The dance performance by robot dogs from Boston Dynamics as part of the CeTI Cluster of Excellence also showed what electrical and information technology can achieve today.

The program met with great interest from the audience: "We really like the festival and we are thrilled that so many people are here. You can tell that people are interested because they are studying electrical engineering or computer science themselves. Here you can meet companies at eye level in a relaxed atmosphere," agreed a student from Erlangen and a research assistant from Nuremberg.

At the electronics festival, entrepreneurs sit on stage and pitch their jobs to the students.

At the late-night business talk, forward-looking career prospects were presented, while students had direct access to job advertisements with a simple QR code scan.

| Jonas Kron / VDE

Shaping the future together: Companies pitch to students

Numerous companies also offered a wide range of activities to promote exchanges between students, prospective students and industry in a relaxed atmosphere. Job placement made easy was the motto of the late-night business talk, for example: while industry representatives presented the exciting prospects of electronics and information technology, the young visitors were able to easily scan the companies' job advertisements from the screen using a QR code. 

"As a company, you have to be open to innovation: When we were first introduced to the new 'bits, bonding, bassline' concept, our team not only showed openness, but also enthusiasm. The decision was quickly made to get involved and present exciting career prospects at Bosch in a relaxed setting. The event itself then exceeded all our expectations," says Felix Assmann from Bosch Sensortec GmbH.

Students network and celebrate at the VDE Electronics Festival.

The business festival presented innovative approaches to get pupils and students interested in electrical engineering and information technology - the next edition also promises exciting opportunities.

| Jonas Kron / VDE

Attracting and promoting young talent – the beat goes on 

Almost every innovation today is based on electrical engineering. But while companies are desperately looking for young talent, 60 percent drop out of their electrical engineering and information technology studies. In order to counter the acute shortage of skilled workers and get more young people interested in electrical engineering, the VDE has been involved in promoting young talent and creating networking opportunities for years. VDE Young Net, the network for the next generation of electrical engineering specialists and managers, brings together around 3,500 students and young professionals in electrical engineering and information technology. New formats are designed to help show pupils and students exciting prospects and development opportunities. Next year's well-attended premiere of the business festival will therefore also offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of electronics, information technology and computer science.

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