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2023-11-24 press release

Newly founded MISSION KI initiative develops seal of approval for artificial intelligence

Leading organizations have founded an initiative to develop a voluntary AI test seal to accompany AI regulation. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and acatech - the German Academy of Science and Engineering are the commissioning parties. The aim is to create fair, comparable market conditions through common test criteria and procedures.

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(Frankfurt a. M., 27.11.2023) Promoting innovation and strengthening trust in artificial intelligence (AI): On the way to the widespread, responsible use of AI applications, the National Initiative for AI-based Transformation into the Data Economy (NITD) is focusing on special cooperation. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, announced the MISSION KI initiative at the AI conference "Fueling European Innovation with AI" in Mainz. The partnership of leading experts in the field of AI testing and certification will develop and test AI quality and testing standards and establish a voluntary AI seal of approval based on these. 

"I want to strengthen the development of artificial intelligence in Germany. To do this, we need sensible AI regulation in Europe: openness to innovation instead of technology bans and standards that are internationally compatible. At the same time, we also need to create better framework conditions for digital innovations in our country. We want to contribute to this with the MISSION KI project by supporting the development of high-quality AI products. 'AI made in Germany' can become an international competitive advantage if we make it easier for our domestic AI companies to bring high-quality, safe and powerful AI applications to the market," says Wissing. 

Manfred Rauhmeier, Managing Director of acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering, adds: "MISSION KI aims to create the conditions and growth opportunities for an AI ecosystem of trust and excellence in Germany and Europe. The result must be usable, proportionate and adaptable. Being a leader (also in regulation) means enabling opportunities, taking risks, learning and adapting immediately. It is therefore important to find a fair balance between innovation and regulation. To this end, we are bringing together the best partners in the AI Quality & Testing Hub, CertifAI, Fraunhofer IAIS, PwC Germany, TÜV AI Lab and VDE. Together, they are contributing their extensive expertise."

Clear standards in response to safety issues

MISSION KI brings together expertise from science, consulting, standardization and testing, thereby also strengthening the urgently needed exchange between the individual specialist areas: "The VDE has proven expertise in the field of AI - for example in standardization or the practical implementation of AI ethics. We want to contribute our specialist knowledge and standardization expertise to this large-scale partnership in order to further develop urgently needed testing standards and strengthen Germany as a location for AI," says Sebastian Hallensleben, Head of Digitalization and AI at VDE. The priorities are clear: "We need to put artificial intelligence to the test and promote the quality of AI systems. To this end, we are contributing our practical experience from the AI Quality & Testing Hub. The aim must be to provide users with trustworthy access to intelligent applications," says Michael Rammensee, Managing Director of the AI Quality & Testing Hub. 

Becoming a pioneer with secure and trustworthy AI 

The big innovation push for AI-based applications and services is currently still coming up against the question of how secure, sustainable and inclusive AI systems are. MISSION KI aims to close this gap. "With demanding quality and testing standards, we are committed to the conscious use of AI. At the same time, we ensure fair and comparable market conditions and, ideally, shorten the time-to-market for digital innovations," says Hendrik Reese, Partner for Responsible AI and project manager at PwC Germany. "This is how we promote Germany as a business and digital location."

The planned voluntary AI seal of approval is also intended to resolve a further uncertainty: While high-risk AI applications are regulated very specifically by the EU AI Act, there has so far only been a transparency obligation for non-risk applications. Here too, the seal can increase security for private and industrial users and establish minimum requirements and market standards.

About VDE

VDE, one of the largest technology organizations in Europe, has been regarded as a synonym for innovation and technological progress for more than 130 years. VDE is the only organization in the world that combines science, standardization, testing, certification, and application consulting under one umbrella. The VDE mark has been synonymous with the highest safety standards and consumer protection for more than 100 years. 

Our passion is the advancement of technology, the next generation of engineers and technologists, and lifelong learning and career development “on the job”. Within the VDE network more than 2,000 employees at over 60 locations worldwide, more than 100,000 honorary experts, and around 1,500 companies are dedicated to ensuring a future worth living: networked, digital, electrical.  
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The VDE (VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. For more information, visit www.vde.com

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